I finally got my visa for France! Yip dee do.
My parents and I have been working on it all summer. The preparations you have to do for the application are insane: we gathered records of EVERYTHING. Literally- academic, medical, financial, residential, familial, animal, vegetable, mineral.
We ended up having to road trip to Chicago to go to the office of the French Consulate in person. Vis-à-vis* for a vis-a. Ha. Ha. Ha.

This is us in Chicago:

Hanging out by the cool bean sculpture in Millenium Park

The nice part of the whole going-to-Chicago thing was that I got to spend a great day in the city with my parents, and we had a whole lot of fun. God, I feel like a dork for saying that. 

It arrived in the mail a few days ago. It's amazing that we did all that work and spent all that time and all that money for a little page in my passport with some pretty stamps and the MOST horrendous picture I have ever seen of myself.

There it is! In all its glory. I covered up the picture of me because it actually looks like mug shot.

So now I can legally go to France. Thank you France, for allowing me to come to your country.

It's only 13 days away! Waaaahahaaaa.

The end.

Love, Nora

*"face-to face"

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