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(The smileys in the title represent the pattern of emotions expressed in this post. I'm really into smileys right now......)

I suddenly have $243 in donations on here!
WOW. I just checked it a few days ago and could not believe my eyes. I guess in the grand scheme of things this doesn't seem like a whole lot of money, but considering that a few weeks ago I had less than half that amount THIS IS VERY EXCITING NEWS.
I am so thrilled. Thank you so much to everyone who's been pitching in! Or should I say "chipping" in. Get it? Because of the name of the widget. Ha. Ha.
Granted, this is only 9% of my goal, so I would like to keep encouraging contributions. But we are making some progress here, people. Way to go!

It is very dark and gray and gross here. Ugh. March is so ugly. I am considerably cheered up, though, when I think about where I'll be next year. Maybe the south of France? Who knows? Boy, living in the south of France sounds nice this time of year. Though honestly, I'm sure March would be exponentially better anywhere in France than it is here. But then again, I have a horribly naïve and romantic view of France as some sort of Promised Land. I can't help it, though, I'm just so darn excited TO LIVE THERE FOR A YEARRRRRRRRR.

Well, I have to get back to reading Macbeth. Wow, things are depressing around here.



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