Donation! Shout out to Ben Olk!

I'm pleased to announce that I have officially received my first donation!

Yes, I know. This blog has been up for awhile. And it is a bit pathetic to only be receiving a donation now. But I've been working on making this blog presentable to other people before I share it with anyone, so it's not like all of my friends and family have been trolling through this and not donating anything.

A nice photobooth portrait of my funds...
I was talking about this blog at a dinner with my family and our close family friends, the Olks. I mentioned how the little monitor on the side has been depressingly empty for a good month now. And generously, our friend Ben handed over a dollar bill to be my first donation. A week later, I got five euros in the mail from him. So thanks, Ben! It feels so much better to have some money coming in here.

Be like Ben and help support my year abroad!
No amount is too small. And you'll make my day (not to mention my year...)!

Oh, and another update:
I have officially sent off my AFS application. I'll find out my assignment sometime in January or February, and I'll let you all know just as soon as the news comes.


Nora Epp


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  1. Hello!
    my name is Carly. :)
    I'm most likely going to France with AFS next year, too. I guess I will see you there.... that would be awkwardly awesome!!! Yay. Well.......... Bye.